Soviet Transfer in Tallinn

We all love travelling, right?

But most of us does not enjoy the actual time it takes from the office until we reach our final destination.

Waiting lines.

Security checks.

Boarding chaos.

Cramped seats with knees knocking into the seat in front of you.

Dry eyes and skin from the aircondition in the airplane.

Airplane food… (please lord, help me).

We accept the inconveniences, because traveleing is exciting and we are going away for a few days! 

To be honest, as a DMC, we see that most people are excited when they arrive to our destinations, despite the general commotion it is to travel.

But what if you could ensure that the trip gets an explosion of giggles, laughs and good moods as a start once they reach Tallinn?

Wouldn’t that be great?

A start that, no matter the size of the security line, or the lack of smiles from the aircrew, will set the trip’s trajectory on a successful path?

Enter our one of a kind Soviet Transfer.

What is that, you may ask?

I am happy you asked!

I will explain in detail below but have a look at the video first to get a general idea of what we are talking about.

Did you hear the laughter

This is fun stuff!

Hopefully you now understand why we call it the most awesome transfer in the Baltics! (or in Europe/World even)!

Old Soviet bus for transfers in Tallinn

This is how it works:

Part 1 - In Tallinn Airport

Once the guests have arrived and gotten their luggage off the belt, the group will be greeted in the arrival hall with a sign saying “Company name wanted by the KGB”.

Depending on the group size, two or more KGB agents will be waiting for the group in the arrival hall.

Instructions will be given, and the group is not allowed to leave until they are instructed to.

Get in line!

Get ready!


Left! Right! Left! Right!

The group will walk in an orderly line towards the parking lot.

Part 2 - Getting ready for the transfer

Depending on the group size, 1 or 2 old Soviet buses will be waiting (max group size is 46, 40-42 is ideal).

There is a separate van for transportation of the luggage to the hotel.

The group must await instructions.

Get in line.

Listen to instruction. Quiet!

KGB will be controlling and checking the pockets and bags of the capitalists to avoid any capitalist propaganda or spies entering the Soviet Union.

Once everyone is cleared for entry to the country, we can proceed and drive towards the city.

NB! Everything is for fun and guaranteed to bring out smiles and giggles. You see that in the video above!

Part 3 - Inside the bus

In the bus the KGB will give information about rules in Soviet Union, the great leaders, sing propaganda songs and teach the capitalists from the west about proper values and respect for the great leaders.

And lest not forget – Vodka!

Vodka, the international drink of friendship and cooperation.

A few surprises will be along the way as well (we cannot give it all away here!).

Part 4 - Arrival to the hotel

After a transfer filled with laughter, songs, propaganda and vodka, new friendships and partnerships with capitalists are formed and guests can enter the hotel without being prosecuted by the KGB.

Clients are happy!

Brezhnev is happy!

Everyone is happy!

As a final note

At DMC Baltic we love, love, love to use this Soviet transfer activity in Tallinn! We know that this is a surefire way to kickstart the stay in Tallinn in the best possible way! 

We also know, as heavily stated all over our webpage and in our videos, that happy clients are the best kinds, as they generally come back for more.

Our job is to support your business win more cases in the future through happy clients today!

This activity is one of those activities that help with this!

So why don’t you get in touch and let’s give your clients such awesome experiences they do not dare choose another agency next time?


We are DMC Baltic – the most awesome DMC in the Baltics!