Riga - Latvia

Riga is the capital of Latvia.

Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States with over 700 000 inhabitants.

Latvia is the middle country of the Baltic States and is a costal city with pristine sandy beaches close by the city center (in Jurmala, 30min away).

Riga is in many ways the hub of the Baltics and also most metropolitan of them all.

In Riga you will find the largest conference hotels, the largest restaurants and the largest city in general.

Riga is famous for its Art Noveau architecture – the largest and most dense collection in the world.

The time has never been this good to travel to Riga. 

The quality of service is high, the activity/team building offers are many, the restaurants great.

But maybe the most amazing for you and your clients, is the, the number of brand new high quality hotels which has been build since 2016-2017. 

Not only does the hotel holds a high standard, they are also about the most affordable in Europe right now. 

Who said a little competition is not good? For the consumer, the price war and over establishment of hotels in Riga is the source to the best and most affordable 4 and 5 star hotels in Europe! 

Now is surely the time to sell Riga!

It’s awesome, affordable, high quality of service and product, accessible, AND we are here to make sure your clients get the best experiences possible! 

Some videos about Riga