About DMC Baltic

DMC Baltic is a professional and experienced Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius (The Baltics).

The company was established in April 2005 and has since then serviced over 40 000 visitors from leading European travel- and event companies. 

Here at DMC Baltic we believe in the personal touch of each and every project. The project managers (all of us are PM’s) are handling the project from start to finish.

We are personally on-site, we are meeting the clients at the airport and making sure they are welcomed in a proper manner.

We are the event organisers, we are the event staff, we are the teachers, and we are the support team on-site for meetings and conferences.

We are basically out in the field  making sure nothing is left to chance.


Did you know that many of our offered team-buildings and activities are developed by our creative team in-house and they cannot be bought anywhere else? 


Yes, we do in fact develop our own team building and incentive activities (in addition to the regular “off the shelf” activities the cities has to offer). 

DMC Baltic is working exclusively with international travel- and event companies.

We do not provide direct services to companies and corporations! 

If you are reading this, and you are from a corporation or organisation, unfortunately we are not able to help you.

You should contact your local travel agent and say you want them to use the most awesome dmc in The Baltics to help them arrange your trip to the Baltics! 

If they have other ideas, reach out and we can suggest a premier agency in your country! 
For more information or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email!
Thank you for visiting the DMC Baltic website!
Sigita Baskyte
Owner and project manager
E-mail: sigita (at) dmcbaltic.com
Mobile: +370 6556 3338


How we help you sell more and better

The short and sweet version, the “elevator pictch” if you want, is:

We help you sell more and better, by providing you with the “best in the business” support information, content, explainer videos, and images you need to understand the destinations, in order to convince the customer to travel with your agency.

We have the systems, the routines, the knowledge, the experience, the speed, and the grit to give not only your customers the best experiences – but also give you the best experience working with a DMC ever!

You will know, feel and understand WHY we say that we are The Most Awesome DMC In The Baltics!


The longer version

Our job as a DMC is to support you sell more and sell better. We feel that this is one of the two primary role of a Destination Management Company.

To state the obvious, we have to take great care of your clients once they have arrived at the destination – make sure the logistics runs well, that the restaurants are according to expectations, that the hotel is great, the activities runs smoothly, and all which has been ordered, is delivered in the best possible way.

If we can wow the client with our awesome personalities and offer a service level, and friendliness to remember, that is certainly an added bonus.

But… and this is a big one!

If we do not help you sell the destination and our services first, we simply do not have any clients to service, or wow.

And we love wow’ing people!

There is a simple and natural progression of things.

First you sell, then you deliver what is sold.


Therefore, at DMC Baltic, we have in 2019 started a gigantic push towards becoming the most awesome DMC in the Baltics to work with.

We were always great!

But we cannot rest on our laurels, and now we want to be the best!

We want to be a DMC so awesome that not only do you want to work with us due to it, but also wants to send more clients this way, simply because it is easy, safe and extremely comfortable for you to work with us!

Now that is an audacious goal for sure!


Let’s talk specifics!

DMC Baltic shall have the best resources at hand for you to understand the destination.

Herein lies our own descriptions of the hotels, restaurants, activities, explainer videos, and more.

That means that we DO NOT copy and paste the standard text you find on the hotel- or restaurants website!

No, we write our own descriptions, reviews AND we inspect each and every property, restaurant, activity etc BEFORE we sell it to you.

Rest assure, if we sell it, we know it – and its good!

We know what our destinations has to offer.

We continuously produce content in the form of blog posts and explainer videos about various activities, places and happenings for you to consume and get to understand better what it is in fact you are selling to your client.

Why is the products we are offering you good?

Since 2005 we have had over 40 000 people visiting our destinations.

We have learned through trial and error what works and what does not work.

And when we say “it works”, we do not only talk about “the restaurant has good service”.

No, no, no!

We know what works for what type of clients and customer avatars.

We know, and so should you, that a customer with a certain profile will not appreciate the same as another one with a completely different profile.

For example, a group of carpenters want a different type of trip than a group of bank executives travel for a management meeting.

Knowing, and understand these nuances, are essential to creating the best trip ever.

But there is another important point to mention about our skillsets and experience.

Not only have we years of experience as a DMC.

We also have experience working on the same side of the business as you.

Meaning, one of the owners also has a successful track record as a travel agent for more than 4 years as a partner in a company specialized in the MICE industry.

By combining both Travel Agency experience and Destination Management Company experience, you really get the best of both worlds!

An in-dept and thorough understanding of what’s going on on both sides of the fence, so to speak.

Docuseries: The Most Awesome DMC

A good place to start to learn more about us, is our docuseries “The Most Awesome DMC” where we not only show you more about our destination, but also gives you a peek behind the scenes of running a small Destination Management Company in The Baltic States. 

Under you will find the introduction episode, where the latest episodes you can find under Blog in the menu, or going to our Youtube channel The Most Awesome DMC (where you will find more useful videos as well).