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DMC Baltic team in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn

Destination services

DMC Baltic provides all your classical destination management services such as hotel bookings, restaurant bookings, logistics, team buildings, study visits, venue finding and the lot. You find us in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, but we also do the smaller cities as well.

Creative and bespoke

Sometimes you simply need something different, something authentic, something you just do not find on the menu. Here at DMC Baltic we constantly innovate and develop new and fun activities and products for exclusive use by our partners and their clients.

Help you sell better

Our job is to help you sell better, and to help you sell more! Indeed we will show your client an amazing time once they are here, but first we need to help you close that sale! We have lots of content to help you understand what works and not. We are here to serve you!

Docuseries: The Most Awesome DMC In The Baltics

Watch our bi-weekly docuseries where we invite you behind the scenes of running a small Destination Mangement Company, while at the same time introducing you to our amazing locations, venues, restaurants, activities and more.

No more boring newsletters!

Episode 1: The introduction

In this introductory episode of our new docuseries we briefly explains what our new show is all about, what you can expect and a quick intro on who we are.

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Our destinations

Tallinn - Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Estonia is the most northern country of the three countries making up The Baltic States. 

Tallinn is the smallest of the three capitals with about 425 000 inhabitants. It’s Old Town is one of the best kept in Europe, with 2/3 of the original defence wall still intact. 

Tallinn Old Town view
Facade of Art Noveau building in Riga

Riga - Latvia

Riga is the largest capital in the three Baltic States. With over 700 000 inhabitants it is the busies city and also the trading hub of the Baltics. 

Riga is famous for its signature buildings from the Art Nouveau area. In fact, the architectural treasures here are the largest collection of its kind in the World. 

Riga is also home of the first Christmas tree.

Vilnius - Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, the largest country of the three Baltic States. It is also the southern most country.

Vilnius is the only capital which is inland. The city can brag about one of the largest old towns in Europe.

Fun fact: Lithuania are one of the best Baskteball nations in the World! 

Cathedral square in Vilnius Lithuania