About DMC Baltic

DMC Baltic is a professional and experienced Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius (The Baltics).

The company was established in April 2005 and has for more than 10 years delivered a wide range of international quality destination management services to European travel- and event companies.

Here at DMC Baltic we believe in the personal touch of each and every project. The project managers (all of us are PM’s) are handling the project (trip/conference/tour/incentive/kickoff/etc) from start to finish.

We are personally on-site, we are meeting the clients at the airport and making sure they are welcomed in a proper manner.

We are the event organisers, we are the event staff, we are the teachers, and we are the support team on-site for meetings and conferences. Basically we are onsite, on the ground, making sure nothing as left to chance!

We want you as an agent to relax, as well as your client to enjoy their time at the destination!

Did we mention that many of our offered team-buildings and activities are developed by our creative team in-house and they cannot be bought anywhere else? 

Yes, we do in fact develop our own team building and incentive activities (in addition to the regular “off the shelf” activities the cities has to offer). 

DMC Baltic is working exclusively with international travel- and event companies.

We do not provide direct services to companies and corporations! 

So if you are reading this, as you are from a corporation, a NGO, or any other form of “end user” – unfortunately we are not able to help you. You should contact your local travel agent and say you want to travel and use our services (alternatively you can get in touch and we can advise you one of our partners in your area). 

For more information or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email!

Thank you for visiting the DMC Baltic website!



Sigita Baskyte
Owner and project manager

E-mail: sigita (at) dmcbaltic.com
Mobile: +370 6556 3338

Docuseries: The Most Awesome DMC

A good place to start to learn more about us, is our docuseries “The Most Awesome DMC” where we not only show you more about our destination, but also gives you a peek behind the scenes of running a small Destination Management Company in The Baltic States.